osb international

The best approach is systemic

When it comes to your company's most critical fields of activity, we are your sparring partners. Global and local conditions can change at any time. The impacts of these changes can be unexpected, swift and far-reaching. Merely reacting makes us pawns in a fast-moving game out of our control. It is vital that decision-makers maintain their strategic advantage at all times. At osb international we enhance and support your organization to develop resilient, future-proof processes and infrastructures tailored exclusively to your needs. So that you can implement change in your organization and actively shape your market presence to achieve long-term success.



Passion for profession:
We are passionate about consulting and view ourselves as trustworthy, respectful, heart-felt and sympathetic partners, who work closely with our clients to develop the best possible solutions.



Our scientifically grounded, systems theory approach to consulting forms the basis and core inspiration for our work as consultants.



Our overarching objective is to enhance the capabilities of both the leadership system as a whole as well as each individual executive to empower them to safeguard the future of their organizations and companies.


cutting edge

To support our clients with creative and innovative approaches, we stay at the cutting edge of contemporary issues and develop future-proof solutions that do not follow fashion.



Our consulting work consistently takes the relevant organizational and social contexts into account. We navigate these contexts with skill and confidence to develop solutions from within.



With over 30 years of experience as professional consultants, we are proud of the reputation for excellence that we have built and the glowing endorsements we receive from our clients.

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