»Fix the problem, not the blame.« (Japanese saying)

Klaus Danzeglocke

  • Senior consultant at osb international
  • Consulting for strategy and management rounds
  • Supporting complex change and restructuring projects
  • Design and implementation of leadership development programs
  • Executive coaching
  • Qualification and coaching of in-house consultants

Recent consulting activities

  • Support for strategy development and implementation projects
  • Organizational development and process supervision of complex change projects in the private and public sector
  • Strategy and team development in management circles
  • Conception and implementation of human resources development programs
  • Conception and implementation of target group-specific learning architectures

Professional background

  • Senior consultant at kbp Organisationsberatung GmbH
  • Visiting lecturer, University of Hannover (continuing education in ergonomics), main focus on leadership, expert organizations; and at the University of Olten, Switzerland, main focus on corporate culture, organizational diagnosis, and change management
  • Head of a training division at an IT service provider
  • In-house organizational and human resources developer at a major energy service provider
  • osb-i Systemic Consulting Academy
  • Continuing education in group dynamics, conflict moderation, coaching, and systemic organizational consulting (Prof. Dr. Friedemann Schulz von Thun)
  • Teaching degree for secondary schools (Sekundarstufe I)

»Being inquisitive, asking questions and giving feedback – indispensable for systemic consulting.«

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    Klaus Danzeglocke
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