Management Appraisals

Case for Action

Risk mitigation in the selection of top executives and key players with decisive impact on the manageability and future viability of an organization.

Target archivement by

  • matching a person's motivation and competencies with the current and future requirements of a position
  • checking the cultural fit
  • getting to know the person on a deeper level
  • supporting the onboarding process incl. appropriate development measures


  • Definition of current tasks and strategic challenges of a position; application of tried-and-tested tools for potential assessment; personal and professional assessment (status quo), feedback, coaching and development planning
  • support for self-reflection
  • Coordination of the development and onboarding processes by HR and  the management

Application fields

New appointments and replacements in the regular cycles of personnel changes in organizations.

Creation of new positions with new requiremets in the course of structural changes. Finding the right persons inside and outside the organization for the new jobs.

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