360° Feedback

Case for Action

A realistic self-perception of one´s effect on others is an important base for efficient collaborations and for the impact as a manager on relevant groups and stakeholders in the environment.

The 360° feedback can take place periodically, thus becoming a stable element of personnel development.

During an onboarding process, the 360° feedback supports new managers and employees in "arriving" at the organization. The newcomers receive feedback on their acting and performing This makes it easier for them to recognize potential areas of conflict on time and to take appropriate actions.


Target archivement by

  • a systematic comparison of a persons self-perception with the perception of others (such as relevant stakeholders and business partners)
  • This comparison creates valuable impulses for improvement. In addition, the360° Feedback provides orientation for the individual as well as the organization in which strategic direction learning and development should take place


osb-i consultants use a range of tried-and-tested 360° feedback tools.         

 Based on our systemic approach we tailorize the questionnaire including the relevant dimensions of the (leadership) behavior wanted in the organization to ensure its long-term viability.

The 360° feedback can be carried out either on situational request or recurring periodically as a stable element of a strategic HR management.

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