Stimulating cultural development

You are looking for ...

... the stimulation of a lively cultural movement of your company at all levels, with overarching contact, dialogue, feedback and learning.
... orchestrated measures for the development of attractive cultural target images that make it possible to experience the future togetherness in new roles and their interaction ("New Ways of Working").
... a credible and shared change narrative that integrates strategy, structure and culture.


How we can support you

  • We determine the future corporate cultural requirements (target culture).
  • We develop creative goal-setting workshops with management, HR and employees to make new ways of working tangible.
  • We support decision-makers in their role as cultural role models.
  • We set up cultural labs or local circles that implement concrete measures for cultural development on site.
  • We ensure consistent communication, monitoring and synchronization of the implementation measures.

How you benefit

  • The leadership teams and decision-making circles act as role models and lead the way.
  • A network of protagonists across all levels and units is active and sends cultural impulses.
  • Goal setting and design options have been developed and are being successively refined.
  • Many specific measures are being tried out and implemented at a local level with local responsibility.

What is important to us

  • We do not see cultural development as an end, but as a means to an end, but as essential driver in the implementation of strategic business initiatives.
  • We initiate dialogue within the company and link this with specific measures in the areas of structure, processes and organization.
  • We encourage experimentation and create an innovative framework for mindset, collaboration and leadership.

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