Identity and culture

You are looking for ...

... Suggestions and opportunities to shape the core identity of your organization or area of responsibility.
... Sparring and guidance for the development or clear definition of your organization's identity.
... Clarity and transparency regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the corporate or divisional culture and levers to work on the culture.


How we can support you

  • We analyze existing culture and identity patterns with you.
  • Together with you, we sharpen the actual and target image and work out the relevant levers for culture and identity change.
  • In a structured process we make the topic tangible and designable.

How you benefit

  • Identity and culture are given an explicit place as relevant factors for securing future viability.
  • You receive discussable results on the current status and a roadmap for the way to the desired target image.

What is important to us

  • We understand organizational culture as an factor that cannot be influenced directly but should be shaped through a cleverly choreographed process.
  • Leaders have a particularly culture-shaping effect and influence through their everyday interventions - accordingly, leaders take on a special role on the issues of identity and culture.

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