Core Values

You are looking for ...

... the formulation of your company's sustainable core values that are supported by everyone.
... an effective examination of what the heart of the company beats for.
... a pragmatic reformulation and adaptation of previous values that fits in with and promotes the transformation of your company.


How we can support you

  • We work with you to develop a process for defining the core values that suit your company. We combine clear focus with broad and inclusive involvement.
  • Usually, we start with a first workshop in the management team and follow up with broader settings of work (face-to-face and virtual formats), as the real discussion of the core values is the only way to achieve the identification necessary going forwards.
  • Finally, we support you in the final editorial process and the preparation for internal and external communication.

How you benefit

  • A set of core values that have a high chance of being widely accepted through the participation of many.
  • Core values are aligned with and practically support the strategic orientation, and make it more credible.
  • The process leads to a deeper shared understanding of the common values as base for success.  The process of developing core values will be remembered by your company as an episode that has shown that there is more at stake here than purely commercial success, and helps management to really connect with employees and customers.

What is important to us

  • We build on existing content and experience of dealing with values.
  • Through the methods we use, we enable a fresh experience of dealing with values that inspires enthusiasm for the topic.
  • We are convinced that with the topic of "core values" the path itself is an essential part of the goal.
  • We make sure that the desired values are reflected in all components of the development process (in the way of communication, the events, the climate of discussion, etc.).

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