Conducting organizational reviews

You are looking for ...

... a quick assessment of your organization's future viability using a tried and tested approach.
... an overview of your organization's current strengths and weaknesses.
... clear and tailored starting points to strengthen your organization's performance and innovative capability.


How we can support you

  • We conduct a focused initial interview to clarify the starting situation and goals.
  • We conduct an online survey to fully diagnose your organization.
  • We design a workshop with the leadership team, building on our standardized evaluation of the current state of your organization on
    • strengths and weaknesses
    • prioritized needs for action
  • We work with you to create a milestone plan regarding communication and change, bringing our organizational and change expertise to bear.

How you benefit

  • In addition to our standardized evaluation, you will receive sound starting points on how to make your organization more efficient and innovative.
  • A strong buy-in for upcoming changes is generated in your organization through high internal participation.
  • The forces for a fast implementation of the upcoming changes are mobilized.

What is important to us

  • A thorough diagnosis along the multiple proven 6+2 design elements of the organization (organizational structure, business processes, control systems, ...).
  • To tailor and prioritize the need for action together with your management team.
  • Transparency in the data collection process and the communication of results.
  • Creating the best conditions for effective implementation of the upcoming changes through a participative approach.

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