Developing self-organization and self-control

You are looking for ...

... Opportunities to transfer more end-to-end responsibility and decision-making power to teams and to implement this in the organizational structure without losing control and overall alignment.


How we can support you

  • We accompany you in the design and testing of holocratic or sociocratic models, such as circle organizations, for organizations and divisions.
  • We offer supervision of Process-Keepers, Agile Coaches and self-organized work teams.
  • We design and conduct in-house seminars and workshops to enable and test self-organization.

How you benefit

  • Successful implementation of self-organization concepts
  • Faster decision-making and implementation.
  • Increased stakeholder engagement and employee satisfaction.

What is important to us

  • Self-organization must not be left to itself - we also work on the often-underestimated interpersonal challenges that may emerge in teams.
  • In most cases, the entire organization is not changed "in one fell swoop". Here we pay particular attention to the fit at the interfaces.

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