The right Person-Organization Fit through Potential Assessment

Finding the right Person-Organization Fit through Potential Assessment

The current relevance of Potential Assessment for the long-term viability of organizations

Seldom before, the public discussion on questions of the labor market and the future of work have been so intense and profound as nowadays. One key topic is the persistent shortage of labor (of specialists as well as of management. Finding the right people has become a question of survival for many organizations. This challenge is even aggravated by the fast pace inside organizations, which is reflected in higher performance expectations. At the same time, job applicants tend to have very clear ideas of their job expectations. In the light of the above/subject to these conditions, how can an organization be sure to find the right persons for the relevant positions? How can they reliably assess the potential of a person in order to establish a viable and productive relationship for both sides, to ensure viable and successful relations for both sides that is the base for the success of the individual as well as for the organization?

We at osb-i have been supporting companies as well as organizations in the public sector for many years to cope with these strategic challenges. We have a variety of instruments, formats and methods at our disposal, which we are happy to present shortly on the following pages.

Our approach is based on the following principles:

  • For job decisions, we do not focus solely on persons and their talents. We also look more deeply into several aspects of the organizational side, such as the current and future requirements of a position or cultural in order to select the right person. We help our client to create a viable match.
  • On the one hand, job decisions and people development pertain to individuals (e.g. for top management positions), but we likewise support our clients in developing the leadership system e.g.job decisions for new  management levels after a process of restructuring, counseling for talent pools and talent assessments as integral part of leadership development programs.
  • Our cooperation partners within organizations are HR managers, HR Business partners and upper levels of line management. Job decisions and people/career development on the base of professional   potential assessment have become a key success factor for organizations and therefore a priority matter for the top management.


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