The intercultural development indicator

IDI – Intercultural Development Inventory

IDI, the Intercultural Development Inventory, is a method developed by the renowned American university professors Milton J. Bennett and Mitchell R. Hammer to measure people's attitudes in dealing with intercultural differences.

Now, osb international consultants can also offer this assessment instrument after being certified by Bennett and Hammer.

What is the IDI?

The Intercultural Development Indicator is a valid and reliable method for measuring people's basic attitudes toward cultural differences. The instrument is based on Milton Bennett's Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity (DMIS) and has been used successfully in training and consulting for several years. The IDI generates statements about the ability of individuals or groups to navigate the international intercultural field and therefore provides important indicators of success and effectiveness when working in this context.

What does the IDI offer?

A useful and valid information base about the intercultural sensitivity of the respondent; statements about his/her potential and strategic learning areas for competent work in the intercultural context. The IDI questionnaire is available in different languages.

For whom is the IDI suitable?

The IDI has been developed for people with a wide range of cultural backgrounds, who have

are planning shorter or longer stays abroad

live in organizations and systems of great cultural diversity

interact a lot with people from other cultures.

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