Hogan Assessment Systems

HOGAN Assessment Systems

Hogan Assessment Systems specializes in the prediction of

management and leadership potential,

strategic and tactical thinking skills

Possibilities of misconduct at management levels, production sites and security areas

As such, Hogan Assessment Systems provides essential decision support for companies in all industries for the following topics:

    Selection and development of employees

    Efficient design of selection processes (requirements profile, recruiting pipeline)

    Planning of development measures based on concrete proposals

    Representation of the entire talent pipeline from recruitment to development to separation

    Reduction of accident frequency, safety risks and related costs

Hogan Assessment Systems' tests are based on over 40 years of proprietary and over 80 years of business psychology research in the areas of management assessment and the psychology of thinking, personality and motivation. The tests have been validated on over 450 positions in numerous companies and organizations. They are reliable and meet the rigorous standards of the American Psychological Association (APA). There are numerous scoring options. The tests comply with the U.S. EEOC guidelines as well as the German AGG.

Why Hogan?

Hogan Assessment Systems supports the planning and development activities of human resources departments, such as employee selection, employee development and talent management. The online implementation of assessments and online administration allows for easy test administration. Supervisors, project and team leaders are supported in their daily management tasks with individual and group evaluations.

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