Talent Pools

Case for Action

Bottlenecks in the labor market compel companies to tap the talents in their organization more closely and to use them strategically to contribute to the company´s future.

Target archivement by

  • early identification and focused development of talents (e.g. for a career as managers, specialists or project leaders)
  • foster motivation and commitment to the company, increase employee retention


The management of an organizational unit periodically nominates their  talent for a Talent Pool (e.g. a functional group, a regional unit, a business area, etc.). These talents undergo a program of 1-1.5 years where they get to know the company from a holistic perspective, explore different employment opportunities, build internal and external networks, get to know key players of the company and gain personal exposure.

Talent assessments play a crucial part in this program, starting with the definition of key learning objectives and the first draft of a development plan.  

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