Developing potential in Management Teams

Case for Action

An existing leadership team has to deal with radical changes and new challenges that require new management competencies. The team decides to assess the status quo for each team member as well as for the leadership team as a whole to determine how fit they are to meet these new challenges.

Target archivement by

  • developing a shared understanding of the qualities and competencies needed (critical success factors for the management team)
  • assessing the current competency profiles (individual and the team);
  • identifying core competencies and areas of development agreement on specific development measures to close competency gaps


Management Team Workshop 1: Development of a shared picture of the new challenges and requirements for the management team. Identification of the competencies needed to cope.

Individual potential assessments (based on assessment instruments)

Management Team Workshop 2: Sharing of the individual profiles in the team.  Drawing a team competency profile. Creating development plans. Planning a periodic monitoring on the effectiveness of these measures.

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