Teams and decision-making

You are looking for ...

... Possibilities to make decisions in your team quickly that are viable and appropriate for the level of complexity. 
... Development impulses on the topic of "decision-making" and insights into modern decision-making processes.
... a structured process to improve the quality of decisions sustainably.


How we can support you

  • We address the specific challenges as a management team with you.
  • Together we develop specific starting points from which you can improve the content quality, speed and sustainability of decisions.
  • We analyze your decision-making routines and jointly revise your decision-making processes.
  • From this, we derive team-specific recommendations and concrete steps to develop your decision-making processes further.
  • If required, we accompany implementation, provide feedback, contribute further suggestions and organize sustainable learning in the teams.

How you benefit

  • The management team develops its full potential and effectiveness in the organization.
  • The management team is perceived as a unit that provides orientation and instills confidence.
  • Realignments and changes are coordinated and consistently driven forward.
  • The quality of change processes increases.
  • Decisions are supported jointly and implemented consistently.

What is important to us

  • We use a constructive-critical, systemic analysis of existing decision-making processes that goes beyond a person-centered approach.
  • We make existing decision-making patterns with their functional and dysfunctional sides visible and thus discussable. In doing so we promote transparency and shared responsibility.
  • We provide targeted suggestions for improving decision-making processes and procedures that can be implemented immediately.

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