Dealing with conflict

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You are looking for ...

... the increased ability of those in leading and managing roles to deal with inevitable conflict of interests in your organization in a meaningful way.
... practical impulses on how managers at all levels of the hierarchy can participate in the resolution of specific tension or in the design of such processes.
... formats that effectively ensure the management of conflict dynamics, the processing of differences and the benefits of diversity for your managers.
... Organizational experts who have extensive experience in leading in matrix organizations, in agile contexts and in self-organization, and who accompany you with decades of group dynamic practice.


How we can support you

  • We provide access to a broad repertoire of modern conflict resolution and decision-making formats.
  • We increase the vocabulary of the organization to describe such conflicting goals. appropriately and thus contribute significantly to clarification and demystification.
  • We not only convey these solution paths in terms of content, but also make their effect tangible in practice.
  • We support your managers in the design of these processes and in their concrete implementation.

How you benefit

  • Key players can focus their undivided attention finding solutions.
  • The loss of energy due to increased emotionality and content-related friction is drastically reduced.
  • The willingness of employees and leaders to participate in meaningful processing and the acceptance of these process-based solutions increases.
  • The employees in the organization experience and recognize the value of effective leadership to a greater extent.

What is important to us

  • We always ensure the stability of ongoing processes and the psychological safety of those in active roles.
  • We enable the design of communication concepts and the timing of the processing in advance.
  • We do not deal with conflicting goals only once, but enable the key players in the organization to shape these processes continuously, independently and successfully.
  • We increase the number of their helpful options. Systemic consulting does not pursue an end in itself or a moral ideal, but is always oriented towards the needs of the organization.

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