Leadership Principles

You are looking for ...

... future-proof leadership principles to enable you to deliver on your strategic objectives.
... guiding principles for leadership that are compatible with your corporate culture and reflect your corporate values.
... forms of implementation that ensure that your leadership principles are not just for show, but are actually lived and provide real benefits.
... ensuring that your leadership principles are also synchronized with other HR tools.


How we can support you

  • We develop a process suited to your company for the development of leadership principles, which are ultimately supported by all managers.
  • We guarantee that these are aligned with the strategy and take into full consideration what already exists in the organization (for example values).
  • Ideally, existing communication formats (e.g., leadership conferences, retreats, etc.) are used in the development phase to take a significant step in the development of content. This significantly increases the later acceptance of the final result.
  • We work with you to find the best way to roll out your leadership principles, so that the end result is a guideline filled with life that ensures the future viability of the company's leadership culture.

How you benefit

  • The result is a canon of guidelines for leadership that plays an orienting role in various aspects of the company's life and can also be the basis for instruments such as upward feedback (360°-FB).
  • Corporate Communications regularly uses these principles as an implicit and explicit supplement, thus promoting the development of leadership culture in a strategically desired direction.
  • Since employees without explicit leadership responsibilities are also involved in the implementation of leadership principles, they promote shared responsibility for successful leadership throughout the company.

What is important to us

  • Together with you, we review previous experiences with leadership principles in the company and support you in learning from past experiences.
  • We make sure that tools previously used in leadership development are synchronized with the new leadership principles to be developed.
  • The dedicated HR function should be on board from the beginning and actively support the process.
  • For successful implementation, it is particularly important that top management itself believes in the principles and is prepared to set an example.

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