Dealing with complexity

You are looking for ...

... solutions to contradictory, rapidly changing challenges and unpredictable dynamics.
... support in generating solutions to dilemmas.
... approaches to meet different stakeholders and demands.
... coaches who support you in finding the way out of paradoxical situations.

How we can support you

  • We analyze the initial situation with you by looking at facts, timelines, social aspects.
  • We create a framework for open, goal-driven dialog and give space for people to express any individual reservations.
  • We support you in thinking together from different perspectives and developing alternatives, including relevant stakeholders or opponents.
  • We support you in evaluating opportunities and risks and open up sustainable and viable decision paths.
  • We provide practical support in communicating decisions and implementing measures.

How you benefit

  • You will be able to respond, decide and act even under great uncertainty.
  • You develop strategic options for the future.
  • You find solutions and arrive at balanced and jointly supported decisions in a transparent process.
  • You enable learning and development at the levels of organization, leadership and employees.
  • You acquire know-how for dealing with future challenges.
  • You know tools for situation analysis, exchange and decision-making.

What is important to us

  • We assume that complex situations are in essence incomprehensible and thus never clearly controllable.
  • We see ourselves as advocates of ambivalence and respect divergent views.
  • We support learning processes in your company with the aim of improving your capacity to take challenging decisions in the future.

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