Cross-functional cooperation

Your are looking for ...

... opportunities to overcome silo-thinking in your organization as quickly as possible.
... ways to shift leadership focused on self-interest to leadership that focuses on collaborative success.
... formats to meet the new demand for cross-functional cooperation and practices for continuous reflection and further development.
... support in cultural change so that thought and behavior patterns can be effectively aligned with the new paradigm of collaboration.


How we can support you

  • We survey and analyze the current quality of cooperation and define the desired state in terms of observable behavior.
  • We examine with you the framework conditions of the organizational design, which are prerequisites for the desired target state (structures, processes, reward system, competencies of the employees, etc.).
  • We develop a design concept for the transformation with you.
  • We work with you to develop measurement criteria that can be used to check progress on the achievement of goals.

How you benefit

  • Cross-functional cooperation is anchored in the structures, processes and other dimensions of the organization's design.
  • The improvement in the quality of cross-collaboration is reflected in the desired target state and in the increased performance of the organization.
  • The attitudes of managers and employees are in line with the new culture of cooperation and can be observed on the basis of specific criteria.

What is important to us

  • Appreciation of the quality of cooperation to date, and your contribution to the success of the company today.
  • The broad involvement of managers, key players and employees in the transformation process, as this is the only way to guarantee sustainable development at the behavioral and mindset level.
  • The willingness of top management to decide on the necessary levers in the organizational design, which are a prerequisite for cross-functional cooperation.

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