Leading organizational units

You are looking for ...

... a partner who makes your most important key players fit for meaningful, sustainable and future-proof leadership.
... clarity on. the specific tasks of effective leaders who bear responsibility for entire organizational units.
... actionable tools that enable senior leaders to identify strategic issues early, initiate change and effectively shape the future.
... formats that ensure that the first and second levels of management develop further in their respective roles and develop an entrepreneurial attitude and shared responsibility.


How we can support you

  • We work with you to develop a concrete set of expectations for the specific challenges.
  • We design a customized schedule based on this, which enables the acquisition of these skills in terms of content and time.
  • We intensify the cooperation and coordination of those in active leadership roles and form a sustainable leadership system.
  • We develop personal competencies extensively and focus on solution-focused approaches to development areas.

How you benefit

  • The top management level recognizes and fulfills its core task of recording and processing important decision-making content at an early stage and provides orientation and reassurance.
  • Those in leadership roles are able to cooperate in a wide variety of constellations and thus also increase their value as sparring partners for the Group's top management.
  • All management levels act with increased clarity and orientation and radiate calm and confidence to their employees.

What is important to us

  • We design development as a mutual learning process and as a meeting of equals.
  • We use our knowledge of systems theory to draw attention to specific phenomena in the organization and act as practically experienced, context-oriented sparring partners.
  • We ensure that this level of leadership is sufficiently empowered and experiences responsibility collaboratively and with confidence.
  • We enable this level to think and act with the entire organization in mind.

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