Leading employees

You are looking for ...

... ways to improve leadership quality and to create a framework in which employees are motivated to make an impact.
... a partner who makes your leaders fit for "modern" leadership.
... practical support in implementing leadership models or embedding specific leadership instruments.
... a consulting service that provides practical support for managers in difficult situations – for example when facing personal challenges or life-changing circumstances. 


How we can support you

  • We develop customized programs tailored to meet the challenges specific to your company and your most pressing topics.
  • We combine a wide variety of learning and experience settings into a coherent and effective overall concept.
  • We develop mindset, competencies and reflection skills.
  • We use the resources and wealth of experience of the group, and also work with individuals, for example with diagnostic (feedback) instruments.
  • We link observations back to your organization and thus provide starting points for further development activities.


How you benefit

  • Your managers can translate abstract demands into practical leadership action.
  • Managers understand models and tools that enable them to view situations from different perspectives.
  • Your managers improve their ability to reflect and their repertoire of actions and can react appropriately to situations.
  • Managers take responsibility for the long-term development of people and teams and promote resilience.
  • Leaders provide orientation in difficult situations.

What is important to us

  • Our leadership approach is based on fundamental, systemic principles
  • We place communication, meaning and decision-making at the center of our leadership training.
  • We see the leader as a central "leadership instrument" and take the aspect of self-leadership very seriously.
  • We see leadership as an "experimental" science and the development of leadership competence as a constant learning process.


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