Leading in agile settings

You are looking for ...

... clarity on how you can strengthen the performance and innovative power of your organization in agile work settings.
... orientation on how you can best implement agile work forms in your organization.
... clarity on what the prerequisites for successful agile working are and how you can create them in management.
... solutions to address emerging areas of friction between agile work settings and classic organizational forms.


How we can support you

  • We analyze your current situation and your needs, and develop with you possible starting points for appropriate leadership interventions.
  • We support you in creating a common understanding of the different work logics and needs and develop communication vessels with you for a structured exchange between the two "worlds".
  • We support managers in understanding the different logics and the respective requirements and in being able to actively influence or mediate between them.

How you benefit

  • Your key players have a comprehensive understanding of the different logics, their specifics and possible applications.
  • There is a common understanding in your organization of where to work with which work form and why.
  • Your managers can apply agile leadership principles and agile tools according to the situation.
  • Structures, communication options and processes have been established to ensure that the interfaces (between agile and classic approaches) are well taken care of and friction losses are minimized.

What is important to us

  • We take a differentiated look at the various ways of organizing work and are committed solely to your sustainable success.
  • We do not represent one "school" or another, but work with you to determine the best solution for your organization.
  • We use and establish a good interaction between all key players so that your agility initiatives [HP1] can succeed.
  • We look holistically at the organization, the people and the environment and do not blindly follow the latest trends or buzzwords.

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