Leading and promoting self-organization

You are looking for ...

... support in introducing or designing self-organized forms of work in your organization or individual areas.
... competent support in establishing an understanding of leadership suitable for self-organized teams.
... for possibilities to cope with the challenges of self-organized units in an otherwise rather hierarchical organizational environment.


How we can support you

  • Together with managers and teams, we develop a process for the successive transfer of leadership responsibility in a way that is coherent for your organization, and the specific field of work.
  • We sensitize managers to the challenges of self-organization and the changed understanding of their roles.
  • We work towards the further development of the mindset of all actors and encourage experimentation with tools that fit the work context.
  • Together with you, we develop spaces for positive exchange between areas that work differently and thus also promote overarching organizational development.

How you benefit

  • Managers are aware of their changed role and internalize them.
  • They have a tool set that promotes self-organization within the team and develop the necessary competencies.
  • Teams establish a noticeably higher degree of self-organization and increasingly design and monitor their processes themselves.
  • Self-organized and more hierarchically organized areas interact constructively with each other.

What is important to us

  • We view self-organization as an ongoing experiment.
  • We favor neither a specific form of self-organization nor the one seemingly right way to achieve it.
  • We ensure process reliability when introducing self-organization and continuous reflection in the teams involved to ensure sustainability.
  • We encourage team participation and decision-making with a view to designing effective and efficient work processes for the specific work context.


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