Hybrid Leadership

You are looking for ...

... the best mix to combine virtual activities and presence in the office.
... effective measures and clear messages to credibly communicate the sense and benefits of hybrid work settings.
... solution approaches to get into a high-performance mode with hybrid working.
... ways to balance your leadership responsibilities with the home office needs of your employees.
... solutions when virtual and hybrid meetings don't work.
... or when hybrid working also changes office settings (for example, desk-sharing).


How we can support you

  • We address with you the specific challenges of your hybrid mix of home office and office presence.
  • We support you with specific diagnostic tools, research results and experience in terms of
    • the different logics of virtual working and working in office presence.
    • a classification of which work form is best suited for which topic/group situation
    • an optimal mix between home office and physical presence to ensure that your employees have a sustainable impact
  • We support you as a manager to improve your effectiveness even in a hybrid context. This can mean, for example
    • improving the efficiency of your virtual meetings
    • demonstrating your leadership personality more clearly in virtual and face-to-face meetings
    • designing or facilitating hybrid meetings well
    • design phases of the introduction of hybrid working as learning and feedback phases
  • We support you in implementing the necessary cultural change for a hybrid working environment.

How you benefit

  • You are clear on your direction and have clear messages for your team/department for the hybrid future.
  • Managers develop the know-how and competence to lead in hybrid settings.
  • Your department/team makes the best use of the respective advantages of the different settings (virtual/presence/hybrid).
  • Your department/team and your executives are strengthened in their future capability and ability to learn and change.

What is important to us

  • We use current research results as well as our many years of consulting and implementation experience in virtual and hybrid working.
  • We work with you to develop specific solution approaches from your future: What are the current strategic challenges? What does this mean for your best hybrid mix? Where do you want your department/team to be in a year?
  • All of this can be implemented in the form of consulting/coaching for you or in virtual/presence/hybrid workshop formats. We are happy to bring our extensive experience and design an inspiring workshop architecture that best supports learning and collaboration.


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