Collaborative Leadership

You are looking for ...

... a model that describes the design of leadership in The Digital Age.
... an impetus for change in leadership in the context of digital transformation.


How we can support you

  • We offer a two-day seminar on Collaborative Leadership - this can be adapted to your specific requirements at any time.
  • We design inputs for collaborative leadership - virtually, 2-3 hours.
  • The model of Collaborative Leadership is underpinned with many specific design tools.
  • With a questionnaire we offer you an individual assessment, which enables the participants to derive their own areas of development. 
  • We have translated Collaborative Leadership to leadership in transformation processes: Here we offer you a 4-hour virtual training, which relates to many tools for the specific design of transformational leadership processes.
  • We identify with you the organizational, social and communication requirements to achieve restructuring goals.
  • We design interventions to create goals and give meaning to support the change.
  • We set up a change architecture that is adapted to the specific situation and includes all relevant actors in the restructuring.
  • We design communication that does justice to the exceptional situation of a restructuring.
  • We ensure that the restructuring measures are synchronized with a view to the long-term preservation of the company.

How you benefit

  • You have clarity on what collaborative leadership requires.
  • The shift from classical leadership to leadership in The Digital Age is addressed and discussed.
  • Collaborative Leadership as an approach to leadership in an agile context is addressed, and leaders are supported in shaping it.
  • You have at your disposal a comprehensive toolbox for shaping collaborative leadership
  • You know how to design transformation processes for collaborative leadership using a collaborative leadership toolkit

What is important to us

  • Knowing your specific challenges in changing/adapting your understanding of leadership in your organization is particularly important to us.
  • Based on this, we tailor the design of our interventions to fit your organization.

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