Mastering restructuring

You are looking for...

... a consultancy with experience of radical transformation and familiar with the implications of hard cuts in portfolio, structures and personnel.
... experts who have expertise and experience in restructuring and who can guide management through the restructuring process like a "mountain guide".
... advisors who are well versed in managing uncertainty, insecurity and disappointment and who can meet the diverse communication needs.


How we can support you

  • We identify the organizational, social and communicative requirements with you so that the goals of the restructuring are achieved.
  • We design interventions to create goals and meaning in order to make the change itself and the need for change comprehensible.
  • We set up a change architecture that is adapted to the specific situation and includes all relevant actors in the restructuring process.
  • We design communication that does justice to the exceptional situation of a restructuring.
  • We ensure that the restructuring measures are synchronized with a view to preserving the company in the long term.

How you benefit

  • Your company can consistently implement its restructuring measures without jeopardizing the long-term corporate perspective.
  • Risks can be dealt with in time and transaction costs can be reduced.
  • The social and emotional issues of restructuring are taken care of.
  • Communication is designed to provide orientation both internally and to customers.
  • The relevant operative business can continue despite restructuring measures.

What is important to us

  • We advise iteratively, with a firm eye on the goal and at the same time a hand on the pulse of current events.
  • We also see restructuring as an opportunity to put the new business model on a promising footing.
  • We also like to work with emotions, because they influence the perception, thinking and ultimately the actions of everyone involved.
  • We make suggestions for dealing with complexity and resistance.
  • We advise at both the organizational and individual level to mobilize forces for change.

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