Implementing strategy and organizational design

You are looking for ...

... sound guidance on the central questions of implementation:

  • When does the change begin in the strategy and organization design process?
  • What is communicated to whom and how?
  • How does one walk a common path with those involved?
  • What does a sustainable and creative implementation plan look like in concrete terms?

How we can support you

  • We work with managers and key people in all affected areas to translate and clarify the implications for strategy and OD for your own organizational unit.
  • We organize the negotiation and design processes between new and old roles at key points.
  • We organize workshops and process simulations to sharpen and practice new roles, interfaces and processes.
  • We facilitate reviews and support the implementation of design decisions.
  • We support you in the planning, coordination and implementation of parallel implementation streams.

How you benefit

  • A clearly designed and orchestrated set of effective implementation measures.
  • A binding commitment to the implementation of the new strategy and organizational design on the part of those responsible in management.
  • A set of specifically adapted intervention and reflection measures that can be used and further developed for organizational learning beyond the current project.

What is important to us

  • As experts in strategy, organizational design and change, we think of the three dimensions together. No "strategy paper" is created without effective implementation being shaped in parallel.
  • In our workshops, we work on the assumption that all participants have a shared sense of responsiblity for the outcome.

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