Implementing ERP/IT systems

You are looking for ...

... a consultancy that opens up new paths for cooperation and collaboration with those involved as part of the introduction of central systems (e.g. SAP).
... a sorting for the gradual transition from project to line organization.
... a motivating change communication that povides orientation and makes the purpose and reasoning behind the change comprehensible.


How we can support you

  • We develop a relatable change story with internal stakeholders, across the board and of course for each department.
  • We strengthen leadership and project management in change.
  • We reflect current moods during implementation with pulse checks and creative soundings.
  • We create suitable processing and solution options for decentralized resistance to central initiatives.

How you benefit

  • Roles are clearly negotiated and shared.
  • The meaningfulness of the initiative is understood and accepted across the board.
  • Conflicts between roles and persons are dealt with proactively and do not accumulate.
  • Central stakeholders are involved at an early stage and support the project.
  • Central and regional project functions are well networked and share their experiences.

What is important to us

  • No ERP/IT system is introduced independently of the context. We know the specific challenges in a wide variety of sectors (research institutes, libraries, SMEs, banks, ...) and adapt your process accordingly.
  • We see the introduction of ERP/IT systems primarily as a contribution to holistic organizational development.

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