Monitoring Change

You are looking for ...

... an attractive methodology with which change projects and processes can be reflected in dialogue with each other.
... Ways and formats to discuss the conducive and obstructive cooperation factors in the process.
... Support in respectfully uncovering subliminal patterns and "unwritten rules".
... New approaches to make difficult topics in change processes discussable.


How we can support you

  • We support management teams and units in defining process factors that are critical to success.
  • We accompany the entire process from the overall design to implementation and regular use.
  • We supervise and accompany role owners at all levels in the roll-out of the tool.
  • We moderate the application so that a coherent picture of the change dynamics emerges.
  • We support delicate internal discussions with the help of the Change Monitor where external process facilitation would be helpful.

How you benefit

  • The change monitor provides you with a regular overview of the situation of the change process.
  • You get a picture of the mood and thus a discussion basis for the cooperation in the project.
  • You develop organizational competencies around feedback and honest observation of organizational patterns.
  • The participants' scope for action is developed.
  • Targeted fine-tuning is improved at all levels - particularly in relation to the overall process, organizational units, teams and leadership teams.

What is important to us

  • We do not build self-referential reporting loops along the monitoring process but support hands-on problem solving on site.
  • We ensure that you can quickly apply the tool independently and thus establish organizational learning along functioning feedback loops.

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