Feedback & Learning

You are looking for ...

... Supporting the development of a new learning and feedback culture in your organization.
... enabling teams to continuously develop in their cooperation and their "way of working". 
... Ideas and approaches to advance learning, knowledge and experience transfer in your organization.


How we can support you

  • We help you to determine suitable starting points for learning and feedback according to your specific needs.
  • We are familiar with a wide range of feedback methods, which we use for you in a targeted manner:
    • At 1:1 level: 360 degree feedback.
    • At team level: team feedback procedures, team reviews and retrospectives.
    • At the organizational level: broader feedback and resonance procedures (e.g. in change processes) such as sounding boards, quick polls, focus groups, etc.
    • We are specialists in organizational learning architectures in which knowledge and experience are shared and used in a practical way.
    • We support the introduction of procedures and their long-term organizational anchoring.

How you benefit

  • They develop an open culture of trust or a culture of psychological safety in the team or the entire organization.
  • You increase the cohesion as well as the commitment and satisfaction of the employees.
  • You manage errors and risks professionally and increase agility and responsiveness in the team.
  • Valuable knowledge, experience, observations and know-how can be "lifted".
  • The capacities for innovation, ability to change and productivity in the organization are increased.

What is important to us

  • We work to bring out the potential in people and teams and put it into action.
  • Our experience is that team or organizational members observe a lot and know a lot, but far too little of it is also openly expressed and shared.
  • Change requires a cultural shift, i.e. new thinking and behaviour, a willingness to open up and try new things.
  • Open feedback and shared learning and reflection often play a key role in such cultural change.
  • Top management and leaders are important role models for new shared feedback and learning culture.

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