Agile- / Organizational Quick Check

You are looking for ...

... Support to drive agile solutions in your organization.
... a method to help you better understand where you are stuck when introducing or reinforcing agility.
... a way to engage with your leaders and top performers on how to make better progress in introducing agile ways of working and thinking.
... a tool with which you can learn to identify the levers to develop agility in a beneficial way.


How we can support you

Our qualitative tool, the "Agile/Organizational Quick Check", surveys the current status of the constitution for agile solutions by addressing the following dimensions

  • Leadership
  • Decision
  • Formal systems
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Agile Mindset
  • Knowledge of methods
  • Customer orientation
  • Need for action

How you benefit

  • A jointly developed understanding of the obstacles and gaps that exist or show up during the process, or are already apparent before the introduction of agile solutions.
  • The resulting measures are monitored using the same tool over a defined period of time and provide information on how the progress and quality of the implementation is progressing.

What is important to us

  • The Quick Check instrument is a qualitative methodology to improve communication and collaboration between the managers shaping the change and their peoble.
  • The tool stimulates the exchange of organizational observations and thus promotes the ability to look at the organizational unit from each other's perspective and to derive jointly supported decisions.

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