Enabling self-organization

You are looking for ...

... a consultancy that has dealt with different concepts of self-organization in theory and practice and supports the introduction undogmatically, close to reality, with a close look at your organization.
... a good balance between the development of organizational structures and the development of the social competences of those involved.
... the implementation of self-organization in a multi-stage organic process - starting with the self-organised team.


How we can support you

  • We advise leadership circles and designers in your organization on the question of where a higher degree of self-organization makes sense.
  • We offer practical experience and best practice examples for implementation: Is a big bang effective, or is it better to introduce it through pilot projects? What should the structure look like and how should the interfaces to other areas be designed?
  • We support teams in overcoming the social challenges of self-organization such as decision-making, cooperation and conflict management.
  • We accompany managers in the question of how to manage self-organised teams and how to ensure the success of the company.

How you benefit

  • Complex issues can be dealt with more efficiently in self-organization - it saves hierarchy related time and cost.
  • Employee satisfaction increases when the scope of action and the contribution to the company's purpose is greater - this is also an important advantage in recruiting.
  • Leadership is relieved of accompanying routines and can become more strategically effective.
  • A different culture is created - with an increased sense of responsibility among all participants.

What is important to us

  • We have a good view of the "DNA" of the organization: How big is the leap, how has it been managed so far? Which way of development does the organization have to take towards more self-organization?
  • We focus on all levels: Culture, structure, leadership and communication.
  • We know and consider that a major success factor in self-organization is the attitude of those involved - two issues here are trust and taking responsibility. Changing structures alone is usually of little use - goal-oriented development takes place at all levels.
  • We do this in a pragmatic and resource-oriented way.

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