Qualifying internal key players

You are looking for ...

... Support in building a network of change agents and ambassadors.
... short and targeted measures to qualify your managers for the tools of change.
... Spaces to give key change players the opportunity to constructively work through the excessive demands that often arise when taking on new responsibilities, navigating new interfaces and letting go of previous patterns of success.


How we can support you

  • We design customized leadership training programs for change.
  • We qualify the key functions of the organization as drivers for change.
  • We qualify experts and multipliers for change.
  • We offer learning formats with a workshop character with the aim of recognizing patterns/dynamics, making them discussable and realigning them with a view to the target image.

How you benefit

  • Leaders are the drivers of change.
  • A well-coordinated upskilling for the various change roles involved equips the change team with resources, energy and competence.
  • Leading a company through change requires special tools. The more security and shared knowledge there is, the fewer frictional losses will be in the operative business of the organization.

What is important to us

  • As consultants/trainers, we work with the issues of organization and change.
  • For change to succeed, leadership must change with it. We give it time and focus.
  • We know that training for change promotes the exchange of experiences about change. This makes the format of leadership development an important space for reflection on change.

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