Change @Leadership Team

You are looking for ...

... an experienced sparring partner to accompany your leadership circles and management teams in the diversity of change initiatives.


How we can support you

  • We offer management consulting to take stock and work on the diverse change issues of the respective leadership team.
  • We facilitate transformation workshops for local leadership teams.
  • We accompany the change-related implementation of new strategies and strategic initiatives.
  • We support the design of new interfaces and organizational elements and bring them to life with participants and stakeholders.
  • We monitor and support the quality of implementation with our change monitoring.
  • We offer mediation for the short-term clarification of disagreements and conflicts as they arise in the new set up - before, during and after a change project.

How you benefit

  • The leader becomes more able to make decisions and act in the face of the complexity of many parallel change initiatives.
  • A specific change architecture is created.
  • The leadership has common (target) images and agreed priorities for the necessary changes and has developed a roadmap for implementation in its own area.
  • The interaction and responsibilities for implementation in the leadership team have been clarified.
  • The messages for internal change communication in the area are targeted, on point, and concise.

What is important to us

  • Trust and specific know-how in process support and organizational development for leadership/management teams are the basis for our support.
  • We seek trusting and long-term cooperation with leadership teams in order to establish sustainable solutions. This is what our clients value us for, and we often accompany processes development over many years.

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