Cooperation partners

osb international's consultants operate in a professional network consisting of an extensive pool of national and international cooperation partners. This includes research institutions and learning and development (L&D) organizations as well as colleagues from the consulting sector.

Through this network, we combine many years of research, training and consulting experience, and draw on this expertise depending on the needs of each project.

For decades, osb international has cultivated continuous dialog with partners from the consulting and vocational training sector.

The same is true of the science sector, where we maintain and develop our expertise in close cooperation with our scientific partners. In addition, a number of our consultants are also directly integrated into the research and teaching activities of university institutions.

Training and guidance

  • C/O/N/E/C/T/A
  • Engel, Roland
  • Fräger, Claudia
  • Gärtner, Christopher
  • Halder-Schüssel, Nina
  • Hoffmann, Tobias
  • Kederst, Silvana
  • Kiefer, Eva
  • Kleestorfer Consulting
  • Marlies Garbsch Consulting
  • metaBeratung
  • Ottmayer, Siegfried
  • Peteranderl, Andreas
  • Proksch, Stephan
  • PURE - Prozess- und Ressourcenent
  • Quakernack, Nelli
  • Rammer, Alexandra
  • Redmont
  • Renger, Gerald
  • Schobesberger, Andreas
  • Schwendenwein, Joachim
  • Simon, Weber and Friends
  • Thiemann, Sonja
  • Trialogis Mediation
  • Vater, Gundi Consulting
  • Wieland, Andreas
  • Widhalm, Peter
  • Winkler, Beate

International cooperation partners

  • AD Leadership Consulting GmbH
  • Buchmann Consulting
  • Nicholson McBride
  • SIETAR Österreich
  • U.S. National Training Laboratory (NTL), Alexandria, VA.

University cooperation/research partners

  • Institut für Betriebswirtschaft - Das Management-Institut der Universität St. Gallen
  • SySt (Institut für systemische Ausbildung, Fortbildung und Forschung)
  • Universität Witten/Herdecke
  • Weiterbildungsstudium Arbeitswissenschaft der Universität Hannover
  • Zeitschrift für OrganisationsEntwicklung