Develop area and functional strategies

You are looking for ...

... a strategic alignment of a corporate function or division.
... a clearer definition of the internal positioning and responsibility of your division in the context of the overall company.
... inspiration for the (re-)organization of your division.
... a clear and agile process that ensures results and broad involvement in equal measure.


How we can support you

  • We accompany you in strategy development.
  • We design the process, act as sparring partners and advise on suitable tools and methods.
  • We offer an established framework for the development of functional and divisional strategies that are interlinked and move the entire company into the future.

How you benefit

  • A common vision of the future and strategy has been developed.
  • The corporate context, specialized technical aspects, and the initial situation of your unit are all covered in equal measure.
  • The strategic development of the function or unit is well anchored in the overall organization.
  • The management system or team is aligned with the vision of the future.

What is important to us

  • Consideration of the various dimensions - corporate context, functional responsibility and people.
  • A keen eye on future developments that should be included in a divisional or functional strategy - and the unit-specific starting points.
  • An iterative and flexible approach.

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