Designing Lean Strategy Processes

You are looking for ...

... a common vision of the future in a process that should allow as much freedom as possible for discoveries along the way.
... strategic alignment for an area or a team working in an agile or self-organized way.
... a lean process to creatively review the future viability of your business without extensively updating the existing strategy.


How we can support you

  • We accompany management teams in their strategic alignment.
  • With the Lean Strategy Framework, we offer an orientation framework and a process model for lean and agile strategy work.
  • We advise on suitable tools and methods for the development and iterative implementation of a Lean Strategy.

How you benefit

  • A common vision for the future that leaves room for adaptation along the way to  implementation.
  • The management team is aligned in its actions to the vision of the future.
  • The strategic orientation is implemented jointly in an iterative process and updated over the course of time on the basis of new findings.

What is important to us

  • A shared vision of the future is also necessary in the dynamic exploration of new business opportunities or in agile and self-organized work.
  • However, a different form of strategy work is needed for these contexts.
  • Accordingly, lean strategy is to be understood as complementary to a comprehensive full strategy. Both forms of strategy work must be brought together effectively.

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