Restructuring organizational structures and processes

You are looking for ...

... Opportunities to make your organization more efficient, effective, and future-proof.
... Support in selecting and implementing the right innovative or classic solution choosing from the wealth of possible levers of organizational design (structures, processes, management control, personnel systems, etc.) .


How we can support you

  • We support you in reviewing and developing your organizational design.
  • We provide expertise regarding different solutions, support you in evaluating your options, and accompany you until implementation.
  • We support you in the delicate questions of leadership, personnel and (self-) control.
  • We provide orientation in the jungle of concepts and models - from New Work to SAFE, from self-organization to ambidexterity.
  • We design implementation processes fostering commitment to the new design.
  • We support enabling those taking on new roles and support communication.

How you benefit

  • Modern organizational design with the best fit to strategy and operational goals.
  • Sound review of the suitability of modern and innovative organizational concepts.
  • Clear process and implementation measures and roadmaps that support speed and maximum buy-in.

What is important to us

  • For us, good organizational design is more than structures and organizational charts. We look at the breadth of possibilities for organizational design.
  • We live multi-perspectivity: Well-designed organizations are better aligned with their customers, more efficient and offer an attractive environment for employees and partners.
  •  We integrate modern organizational elements from agile concepts to New Work, while keeping an eye on the challenges of a coherent organizational concept.

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