Process simulation and process optimization

You are looking for ...

... an opportunity to redesign your core processes adapting to changing requirements.
... a possibility to test your newly designed processes with those involved in the process.

  • to check their practical feasibility and efficiency
  • to transfer them into normal daily business through practical exercises so that those involved start to identify with the new processes.

How we can support you

  • We support you in developing and improving processes in cooperation with your experts or other consultants.
  • In addition to other methods, we use the osb-i tool "Process Simulation", which allows you to find out in one day where current processes are "stuck" or how your newly designed process will work in practice - as a stress test at process level that offers a reality check with a high quality of content and experience.

How you benefit

  • The "multidimensional" perspective - combining process simulation and insights provided by external experts - promotes organizational learning.
  • You foster participants’ ability to shape and align the processes themselves, ensuring that the targeted organizational changes are also sustainable.
  • You create new opportunities for organizational development and learning.

What is important to us

Anchoring change in an organization effectively and permanently is always a challenge. We make sure that the persons responsible to perform in a renewed process are involved to the greatest possible extent in the redesign. We enable practical testing and experience.

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