Developing internal company networks

You are looking for ...

... in-house expertise to make better use of dynamic changes in the company.
... possibilities to improve targeted communication within the company.
... inspiration to deal proactively with the increasing importance of networks for corporate success.
... ways to make change effective in the long term.
... increasing the resilience of your organization in a dynamic and volatile environment.
... new forms of cooperation to strengthen expertise.


How we can support you

  • Leveraging individual connections to foster planned interactions and new ways of exchange.
  • Promoting networks as a second design system of the company in addition to the familiar organizational structure.
  • We identify "need" and possible "added value" through networks in your company.
  • We use tried and tested methods and tools to leverage viable intra-company networks.
  • We support management to recognize and develop networks as an instrument of sustainability.

How you benefit

  • Establish new communication channels for open and for targeted communication.
  • Company wide networks that foster important changes or change projects.
  • Proactive use of networks that already exist to the company’s advantage.
  • Broader anchoring and use of individual knowledge and experience.

What is important to us

  • Individuals and networks decide themselves who participates where.
  • Networks are becoming increasingly important for the organization's ability to act.
  • Networks give people a foothold rather than weakening their positions in organizational charts.
  • Networks exist in every organization - sometimes explicitly, sometimes implicitly, sometimes to the benefit of the company, sometimes not.
  • Networks do not replace the formal organization of the company - they are another design dimension.

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