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Welcome to the leadership development program. Spanning three management levels and six leadership stages we guarantee you a high-performance, long-term professionalized management system.

The Analysis

We start by intensively analyzing the entire (often international) management community to identify the relevant challenges for leadership and the business at different management levels. We then use this to create a program specific to your needs.

Example Program

Stage 1 
This entry stage into the first leadership role transforms experts into leaders and makes sure they really know how to use key management tools to maximum effect.

Stage 2
After the first year(s) in the leadership role, we increase responsibilities to include:

  • good stakeholder management
  • being able to shape the international and virtual dimensions of leadership
  • the ability to effectively deal with differences and conflicting objectives
  • and the ability to create a sense of security in times of uncertainty. If the leader also takes on a greater leadership challenge, i.e. also leads managers and management teams, then this involves expanding the skillset for this advanced leadership role.

Stage 3
"Leading leaders", In this stage, we redirect attention to strategic issues, forging links with new stakeholders and leaders, and coaching and developing existing employees as leaders. The aim is to form a decisive management team, to effectively manage change projects and lead a successful matrix of problem solvers.

Stage 4
"Expert leaders", who have already been in their role for some years, are supported to refine skills and expertise, for example: • How do we become more responsive?

  • How do we foster real innovation?
  • Where do we need a more agile approach? At this level, the leader in the role of influencer is nurtured. Along with the recruitment of young leadership talent – a relevant topic for both business-specific units and the company as a whole.

Stage 5
A change of roles: leading entire organizational units with full responsibility for the entire company. Stimulus for development may involve developing strategies and designing individual organizational units.

Stage 6
Here we update and broaden business horizons and strategically advance key issues at the top (international) management level. These six stages share a mutually enhancing common leadership model, mindset and language, additionally:

  • Each level uses its own set of tools and format so that the relevant burning issues for the company are continually integrated into the leadership workshops.
  • Report-backs are pooled and managed to enable simultaneous development of the company and its employees. Enabling the performance required from leadership to be continually discussed and further developed.
  • By learning together, the organization’s management and leadership system is strengthened with every workshop. 
  • By providing a clear picture, performance leaders know what they need to achieve at each level of the company. 
  • By benchmarking excellence in each case everyone knows what ongoing development will look like.
Leaders who received their "foundation training" decades ago are fully integrated in such a progressive development system. We will be happy to tell you more about it.

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