OPQ32r - Occupational Personality Questionnaire.

The Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ) gives organisations an understanding of how aspects of an individual’s behavioural style will affect his or her performance at work. It provides detailed information on 32 specific personality characteristics proven to influence performance. In the last 25 years, more than 90 independent validation studies in 20 countries and 40 industries were conducted to OPQ. It is known for its high validity & low inaccuracy, as well as quick and easy completion of the questionnaire, and is available in more than 34 languages.

The OPQ helps organisations to:

  • Identify the best-fit applicants for a given role
  • Improve interview hit rates
  • Identify future leaders
  • Re-deploy talent across the business
  • Evaluate the talent pool following a merger /acquisition / restructure
  • Create ‘winning’ project teams
  • Manage the transformation of a technical specialist to an effective people manager

Advantages of using OPQ32r

  • Improved personnel selection decisions, resulting in better performance of the employee
  • Lower employee turnover through better person-job and person-team fit
  • Time and cost efficiency due to early identification of suitable candidates in the recruitment process
  • Higher efficiency of leaders through meaningful assessment of the strengths and areas for development of employees

Given a premium partnership with SHL, osb Wien Consulting GmbH offers the entire range of services to both the OPQ32r consulting based services as well as technical handling involved.

For further information please contact:

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Mail: sabine.lingl-eitelboes@osb-i.com

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