HOGAN Assessment Systems

Hogan Assessment Systems provides a comprehensive suite of personality assessments to help companies select employees, develop leaders, and identify talent.

  • Employee selection, perhaps more than any other process in an organization, has the power to change a company's destiny. We design and implement selection systems aimed at improving bottom-line business results.
  • Employee development reports provide important insights to help employees develop to their full career potential. Our development assessments help companies determine the right fit for each employee and provides feedback to develop each person into his or her most valuable role within the organization.
  • Talent management expertise helps organizations identify talent which we define in terms of personality, cognitive ability and leadership potential.

Hogan Assessment Systems is EEOC (USA) and AGG (German) compliant and is statistically sound.

Why Hogan?

Hogan Assessment Systems predicts managerial and leadership performance and offers numerous reports for selection and development. It consists of four tests with following results:

  • Personality and Potential ("bright side") - what we see when people are at their best
  • Challenges and derailers ("dark side") - what we see when people are stressed
  • Values and preferences ("inside") - reveals core values, goals and interests
  • Thinking style, strategic and tactical reasoning 

For further information please contact:

Sabine Lingl-Eitelbös
osb Wien Consulting GmbH
Volksgartenstraße 3/1. DG
1010 Wien Austria
T + 43 1 526 08 13 - 11
Mail: sabine.lingl-eitelboes@osb-i.com

What is HOGAN?

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