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Driving effective self-renewal.

Digital transformation places immense requirements on companies to change and innovate. Companies are increasingly faced with the need to completely rethink and reinvent their business. In the digital transformation context, incremental innovation alone will no longer suffice. Many companies are now tackling the issue of how they can protect their core business while simultaneously shaping an uncertain digital future, and what structure this simultaneity of exploit and explore will take in all relevant dimensions (technology, business, strategy, organization, people, leadership). This is exactly where our consulting expertise comes in. We take simultaneity seriously and see it as a necessary contradiction that needs to be addressed. In the process, we focus on organizational learning as the ability of the organization to proactively self-renew, explore and innovate, and develop these skills through our consulting concepts.

Agility, Ambidexterity, Explore & Exploit, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, New Work, Responsivity

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