»Think beyond the obvious.«

Mauritius Lohmer

  • Partner of osb international
  • Companion of transitions and transformations
  • Organizational consultant and management trainer on the topics of strategy development and strategy implementation, international organizational development, change management and coaching

Recent consulting activities

  • Strategy development and mentoring in implementation
  • Reorganisation in the real estate industry
  • Strategy projects in family businesses
  • Change management projects and qualifications
  • International organizational development in Asia and USA
  • International Development Center for top management functions
  • Coaching: individual and management teams
  • Qualification E2 functions in functional strategies
  • Lecturer at Steinbeis University Berlin in the field of organizational psychology

Professional background

  • Studied psychology in Hamburg and Berkeley
  • Senior Management Consultant Siemens AG Munich
  • International assignments in Europe, USA, China, India and Mexico
  • 30 years of experience as organizational consultant in numerous international companies

»Change is hardest in the middle - to support precisely here is always an exciting and responsible task.«

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