»Having a range of options available ensures future availability!«

Dr. Jörg Habenicht

  • Partner, osb international
  • Design and implementation of customized learning architectures for international leadership programs
  • Strategy and mission statement development in multinational organizations
  • Publications and teaching at the University of Kassel (appreciative inquiry), University of Linz (group dynamics), and Catholic University of Applied Sciences Freiburg (group dynamics)

Recent consulting activities

  • Customized international leadership programs, strategy development, change management
  • Culture work and agility promotion in IT (Dev-Ops and No-Ops)
  • Executive coachings (focus: dealing with complexity and agility)
  • Customized assessment of potential using numerous certificated instruments, particularly to assess agility and leadership
  • Statistical evaluation of cumulative potential assessments in organizations

Professional background

  • Studied sports science at the University of Vienna
  • PhD in philosophy and group dynamics at the University of Klagenfurt
  • "Appreciative Inquiry" (extended systemic consulting approach), National Training Laboratories, NTL, Bethel, Maine, USA
  • Ethnomethodological conversation analysis as defined by Garfinkel & Sacks, Dr. Jörg Bergmann, University of Bielefeld
  • Psychohistory and group-fantasy analysis as defined by Lloyd de Mause: "Mass Phenomena and Media Behavior," Jerry Atlas (Trainer), Institute for Psychohistory, New York, USA
  • Full member of the Austrian Association for Group Dynamics and Organizational Consulting (ÖGGO)
  • Training and continuing education in systemic structure constellations (M. Varga von Kibéd), intercultural management (M. Hammer / IDI), and certification of various instruments for assessing potential
  • Books: "Die Gruppe als Lern- und Erfahrungssystem" (The Group as a Learning and Experiential System) and "Psycho- und Soziodynamik im Spitzensport" (Psycho- and Sociodynamics in Professional Athletics), Grin Publishing, Munich

»Consulting and working with executives is a mutually inspiring achievement dealing with relationships and communication. To begin with, the main focus is on questions and listening; at the end, it is a trusting exchange of views on options for implementation.«

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