Chung, Fook-Mun

Fook-Mun, CHUNG has about 30 years of HR consulting and operational experience in Asia leading and driving HR strategies and people related agendas across diverse industries including HR Consulting, IT, Life Sciences, Electronics and Specialty Chemicals. Based in Singapore, he has also worked and lived in the United States and China. Fook-Mun has a deep understanding of the challenges in managing human capital (from talent management to employee engagement) in an ever-changing business landscape in Asia. Fook-Mun holds an Honours degree in Economics from the National University of Singapore. In addition, he is a Certified Solution Focused Coach (CSFC) by CPCC Global and a Cultural Intelligence Center Certified Facilitator. Fook Mun is the founder and managing director of APEX Management Consulting. He also consults on cultural intelligence (CQ) as a director of CQ Consulting.

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