26. Januar 17

Courage under Fire


This is not the most calming subtitle Deloitte could have chosen for their "Directors’ Alert 2017" – with good reason!

As I am observing members of top management and leadership teams –  especially in "legacy business" in comparison to "new business" cultures – there is a wide spread culture of "collective blindness" or even cluelessness for the threats of potential disruption.  And with this I do not want to point at the competencies of the individuals involved, but the social systems they are members of or constituting in their companies as collectives, in their leadership-teams, in their lived culture and in their shared mindsets.

The questions Deloitte is deducting must be highly intriguing for them ...

Find my personal highlight questions for leaders and the full report here

Jan A. Poczynek is a systemic consultant with osb international and curious about digitalization since his first Atari 2600 in the early 80ies

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