06. Dezember 16

Buzzwords or Digital Transformation?


Do you believe in Buzzwords?

 Well, I do – at least a little bit!

 ...because they are giving us the chance to talk about (new) topics, we maybe did not realize before – like "Digital Transformation".

A few years ago a lot of leaders, experts, colleagues or friends still thought I’m kind’a crazy, when I explained to them, that a Major societal transformation is coming up, that will make a digital mindshift necessary.

So, now – only eight years later – the mainstream slowly starts realizing that this is not a "hype". But I still think it’s good to save some irony for this really massive topic...

To download a free "Digital Transformation Bullshit Bingo"-poster and for some more thoughts on this topic you can got to: 

Bullshit Bingo or Digital Transformation?

Jan A. Poczynek is a systemic consultant with osb international and curious about digitalization since his first Atari 2600 in the early 80ies.

You can follow him on twitter @poczynek


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