16. Februar 17

Any News on Digital Transformation? - My Top Ten List


A brilliant quote of Louis Pasteur is: "Chance favors the prepared mind."

So how come, so many people, leaders and entrepreneurs still do not regularly educate themselves about what’s going on with the most influential developments of digital transformation? As Klaus Schwab writes in his book "The Fourth Industrial Revolution":

The question for all industries and companies, without exception, is no longer –

"Am I going to be disrupted?" – but:
"When is disruption coming, what form will it take and
how will it affect me and my organization?"

If you are interested in more you can check these helpful tips and my personal Top Ten list of sources

Jan A. Poczynek is a systemic consultant with osb international and curious about digitalization since his first Atari 2600 in the early 80ies.

You can follow him on twitter @poczynek


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